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Podcasting Workshop Series

created by Bethany Bovard and brought to you by RETA



So, you'd like to learn how to integrate podcasting into your classroom... RETA can help you with that!  :)


In this series of workshops, you will learn how to find and subscribe to podcasts to use in your classroom, as well as how to create audio and video podcasts. Finally, you will learn strategies for managing podcasting in your classroom.


This page has some great intro materials. Check them out before you begin the workshops!


Podcasting in Plain English by CommonCraft

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A Few Thoughts About Podcasting and Vodcasting

Review:  Plan Your Podcast from Voices.com

Read: 7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting

Listen: Podcasting - Just Another Classroom Tool

Listen: Teachers Brainstorm Podcasting Possibilities

Listen: Podcasting Student Voices

Read: Wikipedia entries on Podcasting and Vodcasting

Watch: Technology in Education: Podcasting

(an excellent overview of everything from the history of podcasting
through many examples of how teachers are integrating podcasting in their curriculum)

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